Our Conveyor, Portable and Stationary Equipment

Our Equipment

We have the right equipment for your operation. From our well designed and easy to maintain standard product line to custom built equipment, you can always count on KREATOR for the right design, components, installation and support.


We offer a full line of conveyors - stacking conveyors, stationary conveyors, radial conveyors, field conveyors, jump systems and long overlands. Our modular components allow for flexibility and easy future expansion.

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We offer structural design, fabrication and installation for frames and towers to support crushing, screening, and washing equipment. All components are galvanized or painted to meet your needs and environment.

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Providing material to and taking material away from your processing equipment at a productive rate is vital to your profitability. Load and unload railcars, trucks or ships and move massive loads of material throughout your operation in no time with our material handling systems. From tripper systems to loading or unloading, we have the right design, components, installation and support for your application.

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