Our Conveyor, Portable and Stationary Equipment

Stationary Equipment

Providing material to and taking material away from your processing equipment at a productive rate is vital to your profitability. We have the right design, components, installation and support for your application.

Screen Towers

We don’t mean to brag, but our screen tower is better than any other screen tower in the business. From our statically loaded high conductivity main columns, to our oversized walkways, to the overall safety and maintainability of the finished product, our screen tower stands a part. Building structures that take 3.2G’s to 9G’s at the top and bottom of every stroke approximately 1700 times a minute, up to seventeen hours a day, is a scientific art that takes a blend of engineering and design with experience and field input. We’ve done our homework - that’s why we are so confident and you can trust us.

Stationary Equipment - Screen Towers

Crusher Frames

KREATOR offers custom crusher frames to suit a variety of applications (primary, secondary, tertiary or quaternary, volumetric or non-volumetric, jaw, cone, impactor horizontal or vertical, shredder, coffin grinder) and industries (rock, mining minerals, industrial minerals, synthetics, organics, crushing, shredding or grinding). These are designed, manufactured and/or installed across the country and range from 25hp up to 6000hp. At KREATOR we have the experience and design capacity to be the right partner for your project.

Stationary Equipment - Crusher Frames

Custom Structures

There are many applications that simply require out of the box thinking. We welcome these challenges as we have a successful track record of taking on projects that others shy away from. Equipment such as Jigs require structures that can withstand high levels of inertia, which is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion.

Stationary Equipment - Custom Structures